The greatest testimonials come from those who have made a place in their lives for my photos. Thank you for supporting my vision and for helping me give back, and thanks to those who’ve offered kind words along the way …

“Creative, smart and funny ... the best!” - Scott J. Richardson

“This photograph could have been taken yesterday, or it could have been taken 50 years ago - the only clues that date it are the cup in the cowboy's hand on the right, and the modern-looking brace on the foot of the cowboy on the left. The Wyoming experience is often a timeless one, and I think this image reflects that. These gentlemen have been hard at work at something, but they still find time for levity - at least that's the way I choose to read it. The black and white strips away the potential for distractions and allows the viewer an opportunity to at least imagine they’re in on the joke.” - Spirit of Wyoming exhibit juror Shawn Parker, awarding Three Amigos Best of Show.

“Bob provides exceptional photographs with a keen eye toward the unique, yet classic style that is all his own. I am fortunate to have two of his pieces of art and look forward to seeing more of his work whenever he is available.” - Allen Roy

“Bob is the consummate professional photographer. He is thorough and detailed in preparation and execution. I have witnessed his philosophy, approach, imagination, and results on numerous occasions in varied venues. He has my highest recommendation as a photographer and I trust him implicitly to to capture the sense and feeling of special occasions as well as simple moments.” - Art Billingsley.

“Bob was the photographer for my wedding. His attention to detail and the quality of work is great. We have been friends and photographers since before that time. During that time I have had the opportunity to follow Bob’s work. His photos have that kind of “pop” that most of us only occasionally experience. Bob is one of those who enjoys the challenge of working with black and white film.” - Greg Crawford

“Bob took pictures at my wedding in addition to another professional wedding photographer. There is no question that Bob’s photographs were substantially better than the competition.” - Ken Bolvin