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Photography for Good

In a time when sharing is too often limited to screens, photography is how I share the joy, one print at a time. In 1971, I learned to develop and print black and white film, and I still make traditional silver prints in my own wet darkroom.

My share of the sales of my fine art images goes to charities serving the area pictured in the print you purchase.

Hand-crafted gelatin silver prints start at $25 for a 4 x 6 print. A matted, framed fiber-based 11 x 14 print is $999. The 4 x 6 print you buy comes in a card with a hand-written note from me. Every 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 print is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity that I complete with a fountain pen.

One of the world’s finest master framers, John Rehner, mats and frames my prints, and handles my fine art print sales.

To buy a print, please contact John using this link.

To have coffee with one of the gargoyles at Cathedral Notre Dame, please click this link.

Giving Back

Donating my share of the money from sales of my fine art images to worthy causes allows me to give back to those who welcome my cameras and me.

As fellow photographer Bill Allard said after his picture of a tearful Peruvian shepherd boy moved National Geographic readers to donate over $7,000 to replace the boy’s flock of sheep: “As photographers, we’re always taking pictures; once in a while we get a chance to give back.”

Proceeds from sales of my fine art prints of Paris benefit Secours Populaire Français, and Fondation du Patrimoine’s campaign to rebuild Cathedral Notre Dame.

Thank you for supporting my vision, and for helping me give back to good causes.