Rebuilding Notre Dame, One Print at a Time

After a fire devastated Cathedral Notre Dame on April 15, the media reported 600 million euros in pledges to restore the cathedral.

However, according to a July 16 story in The Guardian, only two of the billionaire families have actually given any money so far. The Arnaults gave 10 million euros of their €100 million pledge, and the Pinaults have ponied up 10 million euros of the €100 million they pledged.

So it’s up to us. We can wait, or we can act, by joining the thousands like us who are sending what they can to help restore a symbol of France. How can you help?

To donate directly to the fund for rebuilding Cathedral Notre Dame, please click here.


If you’d like to buy a print of the gargoyles or one of my other prints of Paris, I’m donating my share of the print sales to to Fondation du Patrimoine’s fund to rebuild Cathedral Notre Dame. To purchase a fine art print, please contact John Rehner using this link.

To have coffee with one of the gargoyles guarding Cathedral Notre Dame while helping restore the cathedral, please click this link.

Parisians have welcomed my camera and me for over a dozen years, and I’m thankful for the chance to give back.

Merci de votre intérêt, et de votre contribution à une bonne cause. Thank you for your interest, and for supporting a good cause.