Why I'll Always Fly Delta Airlines

Back in the mid-90’s a consulting gig required so much airline travel that I eventually achieved Gold Medallion status on Delta. Despite no longer having that “snob” status - as my friend Phil Borgo, MAJ USAR (ret) calls it - I’ve continued to enjoy superb service from Delta. 

A couple of years ago I used my debit card to buy a ticket to London.  The charge was approved, but for some unknown reason, the funds didn’t get to Delta. Delta graciously agreed to hold the reservations and the fare for four days until the issue was cleared up.

On the third day, a great customer service agent at Delta's international desk named Lori spent 45 minutes calling the bank, the airline’s card processing agent, and got the bank on the phone a second time to get the flight ticketed that day at the same fare.

And recently, Delta stood up for its passengers and staff after Ann Coulter threw a Twitter tantrum over not getting the seat she wanted. 

So while there may be lower fares on other airlines, I’ll continue to go out of my way to fly Delta, including upcoming trips to Atlanta and Paris. 

Thank you Lori, and thank you Delta, for going the extra mile.

“You get what you settle for” – Thelma and Louise