My love of photography began when I read The Eye of Eisenstaedt. Shortly after that, my aunts Margaret, Julia, and Evelyn gave me a Kodak Instamatic camera for Christmas.

I’ve been a photographer since the Glen Park Herald bought my pictures of fellow students at Lew Wallace High School who walked out to protest a teachers' strike that would have prevented seniors from graduating. 

Photography is about using light to preserve life’s most cherished moments and memories, and I rely upon the tonal range and texture of black and white film printed on traditional silver paper to do that.

My photographs capture and share the joy of living using whatever light is available on Kodak Tri-X film in quiet and unobtrusive Leica M6TTL and M7 cameras, and a fast 35mm f1.4 lens. 

Prints of my Paris images have been exhibited at Chicago’s Rangefinder Gallery, Stephen Bartels Gallery in London, the SBG-Leica Gallery Joint Exhibit, and are in the permanent collection at John Rehner Gallery.

Inspired by what fellow photographer Bill Allard said after his picture of a tearful Peruvian shepherd boy motivated National Geographic readers to donate over $7,000 to replace the boy's flock of sheep, “As photographers, we’re always taking pictures, once in a while we get a chance to give back,” I donate my share of the proceeds from my fine art image sales to charitable causes including Secours Populaire Français, Manna Soup Kitchen, and Jack Russell Rescue.

8 x 10 and 11 x 14 prints are accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

To purchase fine art prints, please contact John Rehner at (216) 227-2790.

To walk though an exhibit of framed 8 x 10 prints of my Paris images, please click the image below.

Gallery Representation:

John Rehner Fine Art & Framing, 16108 Detroit Ave., Lakewood Ohio

(216) 227-2790


Paris, the Art of Living 

A Lucky Life

Lucky and me, 2009. Photo © Josh McLaughlin

Lucky and me, 2009. Photo © Josh McLaughlin

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